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Scholarships for class with Eileen Myles

The Chicago School of Poetics (CSoP) is offering scholarships for a master class with Eileen Myles. The class runs April 13th, 2013, so be sure to apply soon.

CSoP scholarships are need-based. Graduate students are eligible to apply. For more information please visit:

Master Class: Eileen Myles

Study with poet Eileen Myles in a Master Class at the Chicago School of Poetics. This one-day online class offers an intimate environment within which to work with one of the key figures of contemporary literature.

Date: April 13th, 2013
Time: 1-4 p.m. Central Time

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Project for Innovative Poetry

Francesco Levato was born in 1968, in Chicago, Illinois. He is a poet, a translator of Italian poetry, and an experimental filmmaker. He received his MFA in Poetry from New England College and is currently working on his PhD in English Studies, Poetry, at Illinois State University. He is the founder and director of The Chicago School of Poetics, served as Executive Director of The Poetry Center of Chicago from 2007–2010, and currently serves as Cinépoetry Editor for Poetry International.

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“My Sunset Gun” published in Certain Circuits

“My Sunset Gun” is collaged from the novels “The Sorry Tale” by Patience Worth and “To Have and to Hold” by Mary Johnston. Patience Worth was an early 1900s writing prodigy who was celebrated for her novels, poetry, and prose. She was considered “A prolific charmer who was known for her flashy verbal stunts and quick wit,” but more interestingly, she was a ghost. Her writings, which would issue in a prolific stream, were actually channeled through Pearl Curran using a Ouija board. I found Patience while researching another project and became fascinated with the idea of the invocation of this spirt author, this disembodied voice given somewhat of a physicality through Pearl. I later found out that the name Patience Worth actually comes from a character in the novel “To Have and to Hold” by Mary Johnston which was published thirteen years before the appearance Patience Worth, the spirit writer. Thinking about this idea of disembodiment/invocation I thought it would be interesting to “invoke” Patience textually through weaving together language from Patience’s own novel, “The Sorry Tale,” and language from Mary Johnston’s novel, “To Have and to Hold,” where the character Patience Worth has her origins. The multimedia performance is an extension of the idea of invocation (with my own disembodied image and voice serving as that being channeled) as well as an unpacking of my poetry films into more dynamic live presentations while maintaing my visual aesthetic.

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Review of Elegy for Dead Languages in Huffington Post

A great review of my book, Elegy for Dead Languages, just came out in the Huffington Post by Seth Abramson.

“Elegy for Dead Languages is an imagistic tour de force [...] A necessary and suitably unforgiving book.” — Seth Abramson, Contempory Poetry Reviews, Huffington Post

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New poems in Otoliths

New poems from my long sequence “Aurora” in Otoliths.

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“Aurora” is a poem sequence collaged from “The Ring and the Book” by Robert Browning and “Aurora Leigh” by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Through radical juxtaposition, language from each book is interwoven to reveal a palimpsestic dialogue of isolation, discord, and violent beauty underlying the original texts.

Chicago School of Poetics: Registration Open.

Have you been looking for a supportive and collaborative environment where you can refine your poetry?

The Chicago School of Poetics offers that and more: weekly face-to-face workshops on location in Chicago, and online workshops that can be attended from your home, or from anywhere in the country.

Our program allows you to get inside the actual writing process of the core faculty and will take you beyond what you might have thought possible in a positive, community-building environment.

Register for our current session. Click here for more info.

New book out from Argotist

Endless, Beautiful, Exact
(Argotist eBooks, 2011)

A series of texts, remixed from appropriated oral and written source material, that explore interpersonal conflict through a fragmented and implied narrative. The author seems to have a clampdown on what he is willing to express, and what few words are allowed through are charged with emotion and tension.

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Days and Nights Festival

I’ll be doing a live performance of my cinépoem “Variations on Want” with composer Philip Glass for the “Days and Nights Festival” at the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur, California on August 31st.

About the festival:

World famous composer Philip Glass presents a one-of-a-kind arts festival in Carmel Valley and Big Sur, California. Featuring music, dance, poetry, theatre and film. Premiering this summer, Aug 19 to Sept 4, 2011. (read more…)

Tickets available here:

New poem in BathHouse Hypermedia Journal

“Variations on Want: Sequence II” now online in BathHouse Hypermedia Journal vol. 8.2.

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“War Rug” review in Jacket2

The poem as a type of activism
A review of “War Rug”

Politically charged investigation raises the stakes of poetry for both the poet (as producer) and the poem (as art object). This type of poetry not only invokes the bardic practice of speaking the wisdom of the group, but also uses the poem as a type of activism. When critics question the role of poetry in the real world or what it can accomplish outside of its own existence, activist poetics that enters conversation with contemporary political happenings offers one of the better answers. This activist poetry can reveal knowledge about real happenings through the conceptual relationship between the real and the world of art.

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