My submission, When Worlds Collide: A 3D Videogame Exploration of Poetry and Critical Theory, was selected for the Digital Humanities panel at the 2015 MMLA convention.

Semi-peripheral (3D) is an expansion of my hybrid text, Semi-peripheral: Spaces of Deviation, Abjection, Madness that utilizes a videogame development platform to immerse users in a 3-dimensional exploration of the theoretical frameworks that inform the hybrid text. The original project was conceived as a mash-up of critical theory, poetry, and science that examined the works of H.P. Lovecraft as an (other)world-system, through the theoretical frames of world-systems analysis (Immanuel Wallerstein), heterotopic spaces (Michel Foucault), and abjection (Julia Kristeva). This new phase of the project extends that work into a virtual space that symbolizes a Wallersteinian semi-periphery, and also serves as overlapping heterotopias of deviation and crisis, where incongruous objects are juxtaposed and in tension with both the desire and threat of penetrating borders.Users navigate this 3-dimentional world from a first-person perspective where they can engage with the original texts through the various assemblages of symbolic objects and also through the actual texts themselves, which are scattered throughout the environment and can be picked up and read. The presentation will consist of a performance of the hybrid text, Semi-peripheral: Spaces of Deviation, Abjection, Madness, within a real-time projection of Semi-peripheral (3D) gameplay.